Meet Anne

Would you like to give up dieting forever?

Are you ready to send your energy off the charts?

I’m Anne Masri and I am living proof that you can shift your lifestyle to wellness. I have always been a sensitive person. The wonderful things about that are: I am very visual, have excitable taste buds,Meet Anne Masri cry at most movies, and build deep relationships with friends and family. The downside? What I eat directly affects the way I feel physically, mentally, and emotionally.

After leaving college to dance professionally in New York City, my life became complicated. Being a dancer and a personal trainer with a celebrity clientele, during a time when being fashionably too thin was revered, led to some pretty unhealthy eating habits. In hindsight, I believe I was driven by severe undiagnosed food allergies, subsequent malnourishment and a lack of critical knowledge on how to choose the right food.

Unlike alcohol and drugs, you cannot abstain from food. There is an art to the psychology of eating and each one of us must develop our own relationship with food, interwoven with the understanding of nutritional science. It is the art and science of extraordinary health. We all face challenges as an eater which can ultimately be met with compassion, self-acceptance, and knowledge from our body. Lack of energy and on-going frustration are an exhausting way to live.

The good news is: there is a way out. My life changed dramatically when I learned which foods specifically worked for me and eliminated which ones did not. My energy turned around and my health began to flourish. The world of foods became my focus and a whole new reverence for the quality of food was born. I later refined that lifestyle to include gluten-free. My love for cooking and developing recipes was a wonderful way to nurture my three gluten-free children, at a time when gluten-free was not synonymous with tasty.

Eating foods that work for you, not against you, can be a delicious experience. It is a total mind shift. I now think of food as a powerful tool for overall health. I understand the importance of enjoying beautifully prepared and presented meals as well as having quick, easy to follow recipes that still allow you to thrive. I truly believe we need a balance of nutrition, movement, and inner calm to excel in our hectic, yet exciting, world.

It is important to respect ourselves. One place to begin is by making mindful choices about what to eat. I am here to show you the way to living a vibrant life filled with wholesome, bio-compatible foods. My program includes personalized menus, unique to you, and full support during the process.

I will inspire you to reach your ultimate goals. Contact me now and let me put together your personal plan.

Anne Masri is a board certified nutritional consultant and holistic health practitioner, certified life coach, accomplished farm to table chef and recipe developer specializing in gluten and dairy-free diets, private exercise instructor, and nourishment expert.

In 2013, Anne became a certified doula with ToLabor. She devoted hundreds of hours of service with the Hearts and Hands doula program at UCSD Hospital, in San Diego, California. She continues to volunteer on a weekly basis in the NICU.


  • ANMCB – American Naturopathic Medical Certification Board – Board Certified Nutritional Consultant
  • AADP -American Association of Drugless Practitioners – Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner
  • T. Colin Campbell Foundation, Cornell University (Plant-based Nutrition and Diseases of Affluence) – Whole Food Plant Based Nutrition Certification
  • AFPA Nutrition and Wellness Consultant
  • Certified Chef Coach, Institute Lifestyle Medicine (ILM), Harvard Medical School
  • Tony Robbins/ Cloe Madanes – Certified Life Coach